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KUSATEK Independent

Gas-powered sauna heater-system

Carefree sauna pleasure at almost any location

From now on, you can enjoy a sauna session from almost anywhere. How about a sauna hut by the lake or in a remote forest, for example? Or may it even be a sauna raft?

If you want to switch off from the stress of everyday life and create a retreat of total peace and relaxation while being very close to nature, the KUSATEK Independent promises a unique sauna experience at almost any location. The gas-powered sauna heater can be operated with a normal gas connection or simply and independently with a propane gas bottle.

The included K-Tec control unit completes the sauna experience and enables many individual setting options. In addition the precise regulation of the temperature, e. g. light and music can also be adjusted to personal needs. With an external vaporizer, various climate forms can also be selected via control unit.

Enjoy unforgettable sauna experiences.

KUSATEK Independent

Through our many years of experience we have now developed an ultra-compact gas-powered sauna heater – the most compact gas-powered sauna heater of its class. With a footprint of only 0.23 m3 and a power output of 9 kW, it fits perfectly in indoor saunas with a cabin size of up to approx. 16 m3 and up to approx. 12m3 for outdoor saunas. Like all of our gas-powered sauna heater-systems, the Independent offers robust and durable engineering.

The KUSATEK Independent promises a unique sauna experience at almost any location. This is made possible by the option of being able to operate the sauna heater with a normal fixed gas connection or simply with a propane gas bottle. For example, an 11 kg gas bottle promises sauna pleasure for up to 16 hours. A 230 V power connection is only required for the exhaust fan and control unit. Its large stone volume of 40 kg enables optimal infusion behaviour.

The sauna heater is available in two versions: side panels with anthracite finish, corners and top made of polished stainless steel or completely in matt black finish.

DVGW-certified engineering.

  • Robust, durable stainless steel construction.
  • Available in two color variants:
    • High-contrast design with side panels with anthracite finish and corners made of polished stainless steel. Top cover of polished stainless steel.
    • Alternative design completely with elegant matt black finish.
  • Large rock store with approx. 40 kg stone volume.
  • Very space-saving – only 48 x 48 x 85 cm.
  • DVGW certified.
  •  It can also be operated with an ordinary 11 kg gas bottle – up to 16 hours of operation.
  • 10 kW burner: Suitable for natural gas, but also for propane and butane gas
  • Single spiral: Steel pipe EN 10219, length depending on the version, adjustable stainless steel feet
  • Rock store: Stainless steel frame
  • Drain pan: Stainless steel
  • Fan: low-noise with temperature lock
  • Exhaust pipe: on site
  • Control panel: Finnish / vaporizer with additional option




Sauna cabin size


up to 16 m³



9 kW

Dimensions of heater corpus


48 x 48 x 85 cm



110 kg

Weight K-TEC control


1,5 kg

Stone volume


40 kg

Gas pressure natural/propan gas


22 - 50 mbar

Gas connection


via pressure reducer for standard gas cylinders  (optional on-site gas connection possible)

Gas consumption


 ≤ 0,9 m³/h

Electrical connection


230 V 1N ~ 50 Hz

Accessories and extras for gas-powered sauna heaters

A sauna bath is only complete when you can enjoy it with all your senses.
For a completely relaxed sauna experience, everything should be tailored to your individual needs and personal well-being, down to the smallest detail.

  • Exhaust system

    Vertical exhaust gas routing with a length of 4 m. The W-ALBI-F DN100 system consists of an inspection opening, a measuring socket and a condensate drain. Further accessories such as a roof duct, fastening material, bends, etc. are available upon request.

  • Extension set for connection pipes

    For more flexibility in individual installation situations, an extension set for the connecting pipes between the burner and the heater is available in lengths 0.5 m and 1 m including connectors.

  • Heater guard rail /mounting brackets

    Four-sided heater guard rail in abachi wood with mounting brackets. The brackets are also available separately and allow the use of a custom wood to match the cabin design.

  • SBM-FL 75/150 coloured light module

    With this module, almost any LED light source (e.g. LED spots, LED strips, etc.) can be controlled in connection with the K-Tec control. Output: RGB and white light (adjustable and may be synchronized with the main light). Available in 67.5 W and 135 W.

    Compatible with voltage-controlled (0 - 24 V) and with current-controlled (0 - 3000 mA) LED lamps.

    Note: Only for LED strips with common „-“. A pole converter is required for LED strips with a common „+“.

  • SBM-S BT sound module

    The sound module allows you to play music in the sauna and control it via the K-Tec control unit. The module features an integrated stereo amplifier 2 x 15 W, an integrated MP3 player and a NF 3.5 mm analogue music jack. Music files can be retrieved from an SD-card, USB connection or via Bluetooth.

  • Auxiliary vaporizer

    The optional compact vaporizer with stainless steel essence holder enables “Bi-O” operation for flexible climate forms – from hot and dry to mild and humid. Water filling and steam exit at the top under the removable cover frame with herb sieve. With convenient water storage tank volume of approx. 5 litres. Power supply with 2160 W required.

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KUSATEK Independent – the gas-powered sauna heater for a sauna experience at almost any location

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