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Wellness Hotel Feldhof - Naturns bei Meran / Südtirol


gas-powered sauna heater-systems from KUSATEK

The use of a gas-powered sauna heater-system from KUSATEK reduces your operation costs up to 22.000€ each year. The amortisation is less than 1.5 years (these facts are considered to a 90 kW sauna heater). Additionally the emission levels of Co2 is reduced up to 66% by using gas as fuel. With a KUSATEK sauna heater you can perfectly combine economic and ecological targets. Not only the sauna operator has got many advantages by using a gas-powered sauna heater-system, but also the customers benefit from it by a pleasing and mild sauna climate and a sauna infusion of highest quality.

Fitness studios

In Motion - Reiskirchen

KUSATHERM 50 - Finnish sauna at the gym in Reiskirchen. more

INJOYmed Grimma - Grimma

KUSATHERM 20 - Finnish sauna in Grimma. more

INJOY Kamenz - Kamenz

KUSATHERM 50 - Fitness, sauna & wellness in Kamenz. more

Lieser Fitness - Neuhofen

KUSATHERM 50 - Panorama sauna in Neuhofen. more

Fit Plus Fitness Center - Landshut

KUSATHERM 60 - Finnish sauna in the fitness bathing area. more

Hotel & Wellness Resorts

Hotel Tratterhof - Meransen

KUSATHERM 90 - Finnish outdoor sauna in Meransen. more

Wellnessresidenz Schalber - Serfaus

KUSATHERM 55 - Garden sauna in Serfaus/Tyrol. more

Rosenhof - Mühlbach

KUSATHERM 60 - with glass front over the entire width of the sauna cabine. more

Hotel Winzer - St. Georgen

KUSATHERM 60 - Panorama sauna with integrated fireplace. more


KUSATHERM 60 - Panorama sauna with view over Kastelruth. more

Hotel Tirler - Seiser Alm

KUSATHERM 60 - Panorama sauna with encircling wall. more

Sport & Wellness Resort - Meran

KUSATHERM 90 - Sea-Event-Sauna with sound system, screen and more. more

Hotel Karwendel - Pertisau

KUSATHERM 90 in the Sky-Event-Sauna more

Alpenresort Schwarz – Mieming

KUSATHERM 120 with stonewalled casing. more

Hotel Therme Meran - Meran

KUSATHERM 90 - Sauna on the 5th floor on the roofs of Meran. more

Hotel Alpenrose – Maurach

KUSATHERM 60 - in the panorama sauna. more

Hotel Mooshof - Bodenmais

KUSATHERM 120 - Event sauna in Bodenmais. more

Spa Resort Lindenhof - Naturns

KUSATHERM 60 - The sauna is located on the hotel roof. more

Wellness Hotel Feldhof - Naturns

KUSATHERM 50 - Waste wood sauna with panoramic view. more

Ringhotel zum Stein - Wörlitz

KUSATHERM 50 - Gas-fireplace behind/above the sauna heater. more

Spa & sauna facilities

Bad Waldsee Therme - Bad Waldsee

KUSATHERM 90 - Big outdoor sauna in Bad Waldsee. more

Aqua & Vital - Dinkelsbühl

KUSATHERM 120 - Event-, panorama sauna with up to 80 seats. more

Cambomare - Kempten

KUSATHERM 120 - Event-, panorama sauna with up to 100 seats. more

Roetgen Therme - Roetgen

KUSATHERM 90 - Panorama sauna with lowest built infusion heater. more

Schwarzwälderhof Ferienparadies - Seelbach

KUSATHERM 90 - Panorama-, event-, themed sauna. more

Spa One - Oosterhout

KUSATHERM 60 - Panorama sauna in Oosterhout. more

Stadtwerke Osnabrück Loma Sauna - Osnabrück

KUSATHERM 240 - Mega- event sauna with up to 150 seats. more

Badewelt Sinsheim - Sinsheim

KUSATHERM 90 - Event sauna with approx. 100 seats. more

Splash & Spa Tamaro SA

KUSATHERM 90 in the chestnut sauna. more

Alte Ölmühle - Wittenberge

KUSATHERM 120 - Panorama sauna on the 4th floor of the old oil mill. more

Balneon - Neustadt am Rübenberge

KUSATHERM 60 - Finnish sauna with stone housing. more

Waerwater - Groot-Bijgarden

KUSATHERM 150 - Event-, panorama sauna with up to 120 seats. more

Tunnel sauna – Bad Dürrheim

KUSATHERM 90 in the rustic tunnel sauna. more

Bjerringbro Idrætspark

KUSATHERM 60 with 2 x 30 kW. more

Badegärten Eibenstock

2 x KUSATHERM 90 in the middle of a giant sauna. more

Carolus Therme - Aachen

KUSATHERM 60 - Finnish-, infusion sauna with 60kW. more

Freizeitland Hasbergen - Osnabrück

KUSATHERM 90 - Large event sauna with 2 connected gas-powered sauna heaters. more