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Sauna control unit for gas-powered sauna heater-systems

Premium-class sauna control unit for gas-powered sauna heater-systems.

Advanced sauna control unit for gas-powered sauna heaters with compact-sized control panel and a coloured TFT display and a separate relay box. Great for domestic and commercial use. Innovative jog-dial switch allows quick and simple access to all functions.

  • Control of up to 8 burners and the corresponding fans.
  • Evaluating burner malfunctions (up to 4 inputs).
  • Control of vaporizer or automatic water splash for humidification.
  • Compact-size control panel with a colour TFT display with flush-mounted or surface-mounted installation.
  • Jog-dial switch allows quick and simple access to all functions.
  • Connection for heater, bench, and humidity sensor.
  • Additional control features through optional extensions: coloured light control for LED, music control, Eco / Hot function, remote start and operation.
  • Operation: Buttons for on/off and lighting, jog dial
  • Control panel out-/inputs: 1 x RJ10 jack for relay box
  • Control panel: 1 x connection for memory card (microSD)
  • Relay box out-/inputs: 3 x RJ10 jack for sensor connection 4 x RJ14 jack for control panel and add-on modules

Ambient temperature

-10°C to +40°C

Storage temperature

-20°C to +60°C

Relay box housing


Relay box dimensions (H x W x D)

240 x 230 x 70 mm


approx. 1,5 kg

Power supply

230 V 1N ~ 50 Hz

Switching output

max. 3,5 kW

Temperature control

Measured room temperature: 30° - 125°C

Connection for lighting

Min. 5 W (20 mA), max. 250 W/span>

Connection for fans

230 V 1N ~ 50 Hz, single-stage, max. 100 W

Sensor system

Room temperature sensor, analogue or digital

Heating time limitation)

Up to 6 hrs / 12 hrs / 18 hrs / infinite)

Control panel dimensions (W x H x D)

127 x 130 x 25 mm, mounting depth approx. 20 mm


Technical data sheet

Download document

Installation and Operating Instructions

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