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The double spiral technology

One or several burners heat up a gas air mixture to about 350°C. A fan sucks this gas air mixture with suppression through the double spiral and leads the combustion air out through an exhaust gas line.

The double spiral is heated to approx. 250 to 350 °C and releases this energy as convection and radiant heat in the sauna cabin. The advantages of the double spiral are the largest heat transfer surface in respective classes, high heat reserves and an optimal, long-lasting temperature of the sto-nes for a great, true to tradition water splash experience in your sauna.

The application possibilities of our gas-powered sauna heater-systems depend on your individual needs. It does not matter to us whether the heater should be placed in the middle, between the benches or hidden behind the wall.

Heat recovery

Optimize your system with the help of a heat recovery sys-tem or an exhaust exchanger, for example to heat the hot water reservoir for shower, foot baths, floor heating, etc.

Air-Supply Element

The hottest part of the heater is in the burner pipe. Through the use of an air-supply element, by means of a fan, the pipe is cooled and the heated air is supplied to the sauna cabin. This not only ensures the necessary air exchange, but also shortens the heat-up time in the sauna cabin.