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Wellnessresidenz Alpenrose - Maurach / Achensee, Österreich

gas-fired sauna heaters
of KUSATHERM® series

The Technology

A pleasant sauna climate is best ensured by the characteristic atmosphere of a Finnish stone heater with its high portion of radiant heat. This climate not only depends on the air temperature but also on the surface temperature of surrounding walls, the ceiling and the benches.

One or several gas burners heat up a gas and air mixture to about 350 °C. A fan generates a certain level of vacuum pressure in a system of pipes which draws the mixture through the heater. The sauna heater emits the heat to the stones and the ambient room. Combustion gases are let out through an exhaust gas line.

The hot combustion flow through the helical pipe at the heart of a KUSATHERM heater. Burner and fan are located in an engineering room outside the actual sauna cabin. The combustion air is drawn in from the anteroom or from outdoors. An air-in fi lter inside the gas burner strains the required combustion air as it is being drawn in resulting in particularly low heater maintenance needs.



Cost savings of up to 22.000 € each year

The use of a KUSATHERM sauna heater reduces your operation costs up to 22.000€ each year. The amortisation is less than 1.5 years (these facts are considered to a 90kW sauna heater). Additionally the emission levels of Co2 is reduced up to 66% by using gas as fuel. With a KUSATEK sauna heater you can perfectly combine economic and ecological targets. Not only the sauna operator has got many advantages by using a KUSATHERM sauna heater but also the customers benefit from it by a pleasing and mild sauna climate and a sauna infusion of highest quality.